I was laying in the hammock today, the sky was bright blue with big puffy white clouds. The sun was brilliant and warm. There was a gentle but constant breeze. This has not been the typical ‘southern’ summer with low humidity and temps only in the high 80’s. I not complaining, usually by August the air is so heavy you cant breathe outside. No this was a beautiful day spent swaying and contemplating many things.

As I lay there listening to the hoot of an owl, and wondering what has him so stirred up in the middle of the day, I notice 2 hawks circling above the trees. Floating in the breeze and riding the warm air trapped in their wings. I love to watch them play, to float like that. I have read that penguins ‘fly’ in the water instead of swim. Well hawks do the opposite in the air. While riding the thermals they ‘swim’, like you floating on a raft at the beach. They ride the waves of warm air.

There are worse ways to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Riding the thermals 
red tail Hawks swim in the sky
Gentle hammock sways
written Aug 2014

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