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Today was a new day.

It’s a great notion for the most part and if it gets you through the shit of daily life, well good for you. But these days every damn day was new. I like change as well as the next girl; you know a new dress or shoes, now those are change I can deal with. Taking a vacation for example, living out of a suitcase for a week can be tough, but this……oh baby this shit sucks.

Living like this, always on the move, always on the run, there is nothing constant in my life, everything is change and I just need a little structure. Without structure you don’t know if you’re coming or going. It’s exhausting! It means you’re lost all the time.

It means you can’t find your damn keys.

“Richard…..RICHARD! Have you seen my keys?”

“Did you look in the box in the living room?” yells a disembodied voice from upstairs.

I lay my head on the door frame leading into the living room and wonder how long I would have to bang my head on the wooden door frame to create the necessary aneurism that would guarantee a few quiet weeks in ICU. I look around at the endless sea of boxes; one of them holds the prize, like a Cracker Jack box. And like a little kid I tear into the boxes not giving a crap about what’s inside I just want to find the prize; My keys.

Opening one box after another I think about all the times we’ve moved and wonder why if we are going to have to move all the friggin’ time do we still have all this crap. We have moved 8 times in 4 years, we’re never in one place long enough to make friends, let alone find out which stores have the biggest discounts or where the best sushi is, not that we lay low in any town that has sushi you’d want to eat. Bars, well they’re everywhere, but not sushi, I miss tuna. It’s crazy the things you miss.

As I sit down on the floor, next to the last box and start to open it, my hand feels something just under the edge of the sofa, I found my keys and it only took fifteen minutes of my life. Geezze! Structure I just need some structure.

“Found ’em, I’m outta here, Oh and thanks for all your help.” I yell dripping sarcasm.

“No problem” the voice yells down. Shaking my head and rolling my eyes I run out the door.

Ten miles, might as well be a million. Ten miles from town, if you can call it a town, we saw a bar and a gas station, and not much of anything else last night as we drove through. But ten miles, this city girl isn’t gonna like it one bit. And a farm.. holy crap! What the hell am I supposed to do on a fuc……. friggin’ farm. I sigh to myself, well didn’t I just pick the perfect time to try and quit swearing.

The 10 year old van rolls into the gas station bypassing the pumps and parks by the door. “Ok girl be nice” I say out loud “they probably don’t know they live in a hell hole. Damnit! Oh fuck it! I’ll quit swearing next week.”

I walk through the sliding glass doors, head to the back, grab a soda pop from the cooler and head over to the register.

“Hi” I say to the old man behind the counter. “So I’m new to the area, can you tell me where the rest of your town is, you know like the grocery store.”

“Buck 75” He holds his hand out barely looking up from the newspaper he’s holding.

I lay two one dollar bills on the counter and when he doesn’t answer I ask again, “Stores and things, you think you could tell me where they are”….. “Please”. I’m pretty sure my attempt at a smile showed too many teeth and resembled more of a snarl.

“About ten miles that way” he says as he puts a quarter into my palm, his hand lightly skimmed across the surface of mine before I could pull away and I feel the usual jolt shoot through my body, taking my breath and snapping my head back and as if in a distance I hear his voice…..  To Read more join me on WattPad


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