Sooooo, I have been away, out of the blogosphere for a while, put down the pen and couldn’t seem to pick it back up again. It seemed as if my muse had given up on me, but it turns out he had simply taken an extended sabbatical…..


sitting in sunlight

the warmth penetrates my soul

desperate for springtime



Not a haiku hence the title being capitalized …  I waited all of my life, and its been a pretty long one so far, to see a total eclipse and today I can cross that off my bucket list. It was a magical and joyful occasion.

eclipseBathed in ancient energy

the daylight slowly disappeared

tears formed, welled up and managed to escape

to rolled down humble cheeks





cold steel in my hand
nameless ineffable truth
time for me to go

picture credit unknown If you know the photographer please let me know so I may credit them with this amazing picture